S1 Special issues 1 : Beige and brown fat
Thursday 15 October 14:50~17:00 | Place: Room 4
Chairs: In-Kyu Lee, Moon-Suk Nam
Jan Nedergaard Stockholm University, Sweden S1-1 Brown adipose tissue: a panacea for the metabolic syndrome?
Yun-Hee Lee Yonsei University, Korea S1-2 Origins of brown adipocytes in beta-adrenergic remodeling of adipose tissue
Sung Soon Fang Sejong University, Korea S1-3 Bile acid receptor FXR: whole body metabolic regulator in the gut
Ajay Chawla University of California San Francisco, USA S1-4 Innate mechanisms of thermoregulation
S14 Special issues 2 : Liver metabolism and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in diabetes
Saturday 17 October 09:00~11:00 | Place: Room 5
Chairs: You Hern Ahn, Ki-Up Lee
Jos´e C. Fernandez-Checa Spanish National Research Council, Spain S14-1 ASMase as a novel target in steatohepatitis
Won-Il Jeong KAIST, Korea S14-2 NOX2 in macrophages: fuel for hepatic steatosis
Keun-Gyu Park Kyungpook National University, Korea S14-3 Metabolic adaptation of liver cancer for survival and growth
Young-Ah Moon Inha University, Korea S14-4 Phenotypic characterization of Elovl6-/- mice
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