S2 Clinical diabetes & therapeutics 1 :
New pharmacologic approaches to the treatments of type 2 diabetes
Friday 16 October 09:00~11:00 | Place: Room 2
Chairs: Young Seol Kim, Yong Seong Kim
Sunder Mudaliar University of California, San Diego, USA S2-1 SGLT2 inhibitors-from discovery to clinical practice
Seung Joon Oh Kyung Hee University, Korea S2-2 Long-acting GLP-1 agonist
Chang Beom Lee Hanyang University, Korea S2-3 Waiting for the anti-diabetic effect of new anti-obesity drugs
Jamie Jae Eun Kim Handok Inc, Korea S2-4 HL5201, a novel DGAT1 inhibitor for treatment of diabetes and obesity
S7 Clinical diabetes & therapeutics 2 :
Clinical implication of emerging biomarkers in type 2 diabetes
Friday 16 October 16:00~18:00 | Place: Room 2
Chairs: Kap-Bum Huh, Yong-Wook Cho
You-Cheol Hwang Kyung Hee University, Korea S7-1 Clinical use of new marker to monitor glycemic control
Kyung Mook Choi Korea University, Korea S7-2 Liver and muscle as new endocrine organs
In Joo Kim Pusan National University, Korea S7-3 Biomarkers of diabetic kidney disease
Jong Ho Lee Yonsei University, Korea S7-4 Metabolic disease related new nutritional metabolites based on clinical metabolomic technology
S11 Clinical diabetes & therapeutics 3 :
Lessons from recent clinical trial safety and efficacy outcomes
Saturday 17 October 09:00~11:00 | Place: Room 2
Chairs: Jin Woo Kim, Moon-Kyu Lee
Kwang Joon Kim Yonsei University, Korea S11-1 TZD and bladder cancer: is causal relationship or epiphenomenon?
Soon Jib Yoo The Catholic University of Korea, Korea S11-2 Controversy on insulin and cancer risk in people with diabetes
Seung-Whan Lee University of Ulsan, Korea S11-3 Antiplatelet in diabetes: strong but incomplete umbrella
W David Strain University of Exeter Medical School, UK S11-4 Incretin based therapies and CV safety
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