S3 Clinical nutrition : Nutrition, cardiovascualr disease, and diabetes
Friday 16 October 09:00~11:00 | Place: Room 3
Chairs: Sung Koo Kang, Kyung Mook Choi
Myoung Sook Lee Sungshin Women’s University, Korea S3-1 Current issues of nutrition in CVD
Oh Yoen Kim Dong-A University, Korea S3-2 Dietary fatty acids on glycemic control and cardiovascular risk
Min-Jeong Shin Korea University, Korea S3-3 Genes, nutrition and cardiometabolic risks
Jae Myoung Suh KAIST, Korea S3-4 From feast to famine: biology and pharmacology of fibroblast growth factor 1
S8 Self care (K) : Diabetes and chronic kidney disease
Friday 16 October 16:00~18:00 | Place: Room 3
Chairs: Bok Rye Song, Myeong Hee Hong
Hee Sun Choi Ilsan-paik Hospital, Korea S8-1 Introduction of diabetic kidney disease
Jung Hwa Lee Kyung Hee University Hospital, Korea S8-2 Management of diabetic kidney disease
Jeong Rim Lee Asan Medical Center, Korea S8-3 Glucose management of the patients underwent kidney transplantation or dialytic treatment
Chan Woong Kim SD Biosensor Inc., Korea S8-4 Case reports focused on the prevention of CKD and cost saving
S12 Behavioral medicine/education (K) :
Updated educational program for advanced diabetes practice
Saturday 17 October 09:00~11:00 | Place: Room 3
Chairs: Hyung Joon Yoo, Hyun Shik Son
Kang Seo Park Eulji University, Korea S12-1 Diabetes prevention
Seung-Hwan Lee The Catholic University of Korea, Korea S12-2 Vaccination in patients with diabetes
Jung Wha Moon Ilsan Paik Hospital, Korea S12-3 Exercise in specific situations for diabetes patients
Kang Hee Sim Samsung Medical Center, Korea S12-4 What’s SMBG pattern management?
Jae Won Cho Samsung Medical Center, Korea S12-5 Medical nutrition therapy for diabetes patients according to eating patterns
Yu Jeong Park Kangnam Scared Heart Hosapital, Korea S12-6 The effective lifestyle changes by intervention of transtheoretical model & using lifestyle plan table
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